Manufacturers of Quality Bakery Products:

Quality Measures:

Quality is of top most priority to us and we take utmost care and maintain high quality standards in our process of manufacturing bakery products like, biscuits, Cookies, Kharis, Toast, Rusk and Nankhatai. Our manufacturing process includes the various procedures and we see to it that only the freshest and the best ingredients and materials are used in processing of our mouth watering and delicious varieties of bakery products. Our Bakery Products are made from recipes that use the finest quality flours the best quality margarines and freshest butter. Also the other important ingredients like chocolates, nuts, pecans and raisins are of the finest quality and taste.

One of the crucial factors in our quality control measures is setting up of strict quality standards for our suppliers that conform to the health and other environmental standards. The manufactures or vendors who partner with us ensure that our raw materials are tested and certified for quality by the various relevant agencies.

At JAI HIND, we not only work hard to deliver you a quality product but also on the recipes which are researched for and evolved from various tests and perfected over a period of time. Utmost care is taken while selecting any recipe, so that it doesn’t have any bad effects or doesn’t include any such ingredient which our customers wont enjoy.

We understand that, its not only the taste and quality that makes up a perfect bakery product and hence we also work on various shapes and sizes which adds to the overall pleasure of having our bakery products.Care is taken to standardize the product size right from the start of the baking process.

All our products are baked in state of art ovens and hence help us deliver a consistent taste and quality. Our baking process is a mix of both traditional methods and advanced technologies which finally delivers the taste which we love to serve and you will enjoy having it again and again.