We manufacture biscuits that have a balance of both taste and health. Which makes our bakery products an ideal choice for our consumers…


Toasts and cake

Toast is sliced bread which has been browned by exposure to dry heat. Indian Toast with a golden brown finish are just another mouth…


Cakes and pastries

We manufacture fresh and tasty Cakes And Pastries in different flavors.and special Ordered cakes for every occasion.


Bread and busns

We manufacture fresh and soft Bread And Buns. fell the Quality and taste of fresh products in every bite.



We manufacture fresh and tasty Burger ,Patties and many more tea time snacks .



Mixtures of different varieties are also availible in the simple and gift packings


With years of experience, an exhaustive range of bakery products, competitive price, and commitment to customer satisfaction, We at JAI HIND are fully capable to meet any of our buyers requirement as per their specifications.

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